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Re: [Qemu-devel] powerpc (debian/sid) woes

From: Herbert Pötzl
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] powerpc (debian/sid) woes
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 14:26:10 +0200
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On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 01:18:44PM +0200, Christof Petig wrote:
> Jocelyn Mayer schrieb:
> >I compiled a fresh gcc 3.3 tonight.
> >I've been able to build all qemu emulator targets,
> >after a cvs update with no problems.
> >My config is now:
> >kernel 2.6.0-test1
> >glibc 2.2.5
> >gcc 3.3
> >binutils 1.13
> My problem is not that it does not compile with 3.3 (it actually 
> compiles well). If compiled with 3.3 it goes into an endless loop (or 
> ill-instructs with -O1). And I can't go back to 2.95 because 2.95 does 
> not like the new debian kernel headers.

hmm, so debian uses gcc 3.3.1 ? doesn't sound like
anything stable at all ... unusual 

> Anyway the fact that different kernel headers (2.4.21-powerpc) are 
> shipped with glibc on debian and used during the compilation might be 
> the problem for me.
> Perhaps I would have had more luck if I either took my 2.4.21 headers or 
> the 2.6.0-test2 headers. I will give it a try (but 2.6.0-test2 does not 
> compile for me [problem with event.c])

IMHO, glibc should providei/use the 'correct' headers
(the ones glibc was compiled for/with) and the kernel
should use its own ... probably gcc itself does something
unexpected ...


> gcc-3.3        3.3.1-0rc2
> binutils
> libc6-dev      2.3.1-17.0.2 (which ships some kernel headers)
> running kernel is  2.4.21-ben2
> So my hope was that somebody experienced with ppc on this list might 
> spot that the generated assembler code (see my previous mail) was plain 
> wrong (or wrongly cut out).
>    Christof
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