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[Qemu-devel] Problems compiling qemu on MacOS X (10.2.6)

From: Jeremy Higgs
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Problems compiling qemu on MacOS X (10.2.6)
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 21:57:37 +1000


I'm trying to compile qemu 0.4.3 on a MacOS X machine, but it seems I'm missing a header that is needed: byteswap.h...

./configure --prefix=/sw --prefix=/sw --interp-prefix=/sw/share/qemu-i386 --target_cpu=x86
Install prefix    /sw
Source path       /sw/src/qemu-0.4.3-1/qemu-0.4.3
ELF interp prefix /sw/share/qemu-i386
C compiler        gcc
make              make
host CPU          powerpc
host big endian   yes
target CPU        x86
target big endian no
gprof enabled     no
static build      no
Creating config.mak and config.h
gcc -Wall -O2 -g -DHAVE_BYTESWAP_H -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o elfload.o elfload.c
thunk.h:27: header file 'byteswap.h' not found
cpp-precomp: warning: errors during smart preprocessing, retrying in basic mode
make: *** [elfload.o] Error 1
### execution of make failed, exit code 2
Failed: compiling qemu-0.4.3-1 failed


Does anyone know where to get this from, or whether it should be in the source already?

Thanks a lot!

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