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Re: [Qemu-devel] PPC emulation, how?

From: J. Mayer
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] PPC emulation, how?
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 02:34:03 +0200

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 01:26, Martin wrote:
> IWith the ne2000 patch I can ping from host to qemu and from qemu to host.
> nfsmount doesn't work yet.
> I also tried a few tests with wget.
> It fails on some and succeeds on other tests. The good thing is that you 
> can stop wget with ctrl-C (mount and ping from the debianinstalldisk 
> just stop reacting if they fail in qemu)

Just try to use ping -c <count>
so you'll get the shell back...

> I think there are more endianess problems because wget fails on all 
> files which are odd sized.
> I made a few testfiles (less than 1 kb) and put them on my httpserver of 
> the host.
> a text file of 907 bytes fails 906 bytes succeeds 905 bytes fails.
> Fails in this case means the download doesn't even start.

I didn't test wget, because it's used to crash when I try to launch
I'm not sure those are endian problems. It may be timer problem or worse
I have a new implementation of time-base/decrementer which makes Linux
guest timings to be connected to reality.
This also boosts the emulation by a factor of 2 or 3. I'm reworking
exception management, which is not well implemented and may be buggy.
This will also improve speed and (I hope) solve some emulation problems.

> I am still not sure how to use the -S option and/or the gdb debugger 
> with qemu.

'-S' option is really simple: it just stops qemu just before starting
the emulation. You then have to enter the 'c' command in qemu monitor to
let it run.
You now have a PPC register dump in the monitor, too with 'info
The use of gdb is not easy when you emulate the whole system. I only use
it to solve kernel problems. For userland problems,
the best way may be to launch gdb in the guest system  :-)

J. Mayer <address@hidden>
Never organized

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