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Re: [Qemu-devel] amd64 compile

From: Martin Garton
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] amd64 compile
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 17:23:48 +0100 (BST)

On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, J. Mayer wrote:

> Your patch is incorrect:
> - don't remove the -Wall: the warnings you can see are mostly bugs due
> to the fact that qemu assumes that unsigned long is 32 bits long.

Sorry - That was for my testing. I didn't mean to include that in the 

I wasn't attempting to fix those warnings/bugs yet.

Do you think a solution to the problem on hosts where sizeof(void *)  !=
sizeof(int) could be best solved by macros such as pointer_to_int() and
int_to_pointer() which did whatever is appropriate for that host?

Of course it depends how its being used, I don't know enough about the 
code to tell whether its storing int values in pointers (which would be 
fine and could be handled by a macro) or vice versa (which obviously 

> - the correct cpu_get_real_ticks patch has already been posted by art
> yerkes some times ago. I also re-send it as a reminder.


> - to compile qemu usermode emulation, you need to edit the amd64.ld
> file, which is duplicated. Remove half of the file, and the link won't
> fail.

Thanks for the info.


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