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[Qemu-devel] Help with tun/tap with qemu

From: jesus.salvo
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Help with tun/tap with qemu
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 01:06:55 +1000

Host OS: Fedora Core 1
Guest OS on Qemu: RedHat 7.2

I have installed RH 7.2 as the guest OS within qemu, and was using ( by
default ) the user mode network stack. However, that would not allow ( ?? )
the guest OS to talk to the LAN where the host OS is connected to, although I
could get to the external websites ( www.google.com, www.redhat.com, etc. )
and so forth.

So I am trying TUN/TAP.  The guest and host OS can ping each other.
( qemu says "Connected to host network interface: tun0" )
However, the guest OS cannot ping any other host, not even the websites that
was working when using user mode network stack. I tried adding the nameservers
in the guest OS' /etc/resolv.conf, turing off ipchains/ iptables on both guest
and host OS, adding a default gateway on the guest OS, etc ...


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