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[Qemu-devel] Re: Bug/Inconvenience report

From: Mark Jonckheere
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: Bug/Inconvenience report
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:21:57 +0200
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Johannes Martin wrote:

when qemu crashes, it usually leaves the console window in a state where
input isn't echoed to the terminal, i.e. you don't see what you type any
more. /usr/bin/reset fixes this.

I propose a small patch to change the console tty settings
only when qemu uses the console for input/output.

diff -wurb qemu/vl.c qemu-patched/vl.c
--- qemu/vl.c   Wed Aug  4 00:09:30 2004
+++ qemu-patched/vl.c   Wed Aug  4 12:53:38 2004
@@ -1467,6 +1467,8 @@

 static void term_exit(void)
+    if (stdio_nb_clients == 0)
+        return;
     tcsetattr (0, TCSANOW, &oldtty);
     fcntl(0, F_SETFL, old_fd0_flags);
@@ -1475,6 +1477,8 @@
     struct termios tty;

+    if (stdio_nb_clients == 0)
+        return;
     tcgetattr (0, &tty);
     oldtty = tty;
     old_fd0_flags = fcntl(0, F_GETFL);

This patch enables qemu to run as a background process.
It initialises the current terminal only when serial-
or monitor-I/O is redirected to stdin/stdout or when
-nographic is selected. Without this patch, the program
hangs in the term_init() and term_exit() functions when
running as a background process.

    qemu -hda disk.img &
    xinit /usr/local/bin/qemu -hda disk.img -- :1 &

The second example launches qemu with a second X server
and permits to switch between host and guest operating
systems using ctrl-alt-F7 and ctrl-alt-F8.

Also, if qemu had grabbed the mouse before crashing, the mouse will be
stuck after the crash or disappear completely. Restarting qemu and
grabbing/degrabbing will fix this.

Even worse is working in full-screen mode before a crash.

Would it be possible to install some signal handlers and/or atexit()
routines to restore console and mouse settings on unexpected failures?

and returning from full-screen mode.


Mark Jonckheere

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