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[Qemu-devel] Qemu development schedule?

From: Jeebs
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Qemu development schedule?
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:44:34 -0500

[I am *not* a developer, but since the user's list doesn't work, I lurk here.]

What is the development schedule for Qemu?

In other words, what priority is there for various things?

Fabrice's recent comment about vastly speeding up Qemu got me thinking that perhaps it might be better to work on other things first.

Don't misunderstand me... The recent discussion about performance improvements, and Fabrice's comments were *very* exciting.

But I was just thinking that before you do the exciting and the 'sexy' things, that perhaps you should work on the more mundane things needed to make Qemu into a highly usable product.

Like vastly improving the user interface. Especially for Window's users (such as myself.)

Improving the basic virtual system to add things like full Pentium-3 support. MMX, SSE, cpuid, etc. etc.

Making sure the FPU behaves like it's supposed to.

Improving data transfers to/from the guest / host.

And a bunch of other 'minor' details.

As I said above, I'm not a developer. So maybe I'm out of place even making these questions and comments. If so, I apologize. I do indeed think Qemu is an excellent project. It's very exciting and that's why I'm here lurking.

I'm just a little concerned that maybe qemu might always be an incomplete, un-stable, un-usable beta program. An interesting program without the refinements and the polishing.

If all you ever do is work on the exciting stuff, and fix the occasional problem, then the project may have trouble reaching the level of quality it should.

That's why I was wondering what the project schedule actually was. At what points are things going to be added or fixed or improved.

Or is Qemu still in the "free for all" early development stage where people work on whatever exciting or sexy thing they feel like, with no actual plan or organization?

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