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Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: port to netbsd

From: David Howland
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: port to netbsd
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 19:38:11 -0700
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Ben Pfaff wrote:
> Rename one set of functions or the other.  It's probably easier
> to rename qemu's set.

ya, I did that. Just took the hacksaw to it. I similarly hacked up a few other places. I guess I'll just hack it until it compiles, then I'll worry about making it clean. Anyway, it gets somewhat further now, but stops at the following...

/usr/pkg/gcc3/bin/gcc -Wall -O2 -g -fno-strict-aliasing -fomit-frame-pointe referred-stack-boundary=2 -malign-functions=0 -I. -I/home/dave/build/qemu-0 target-i386 -I/home/dave/build/qemu-0.6.0 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I/home/dave/build/ 0.6.0/slirp -c -o op.o /home/dave/build/qemu-0.6.0/target-i386/op.c
cc1: warning: -malign-functions is obsolete, use -falign-functions
../dyngen -o op.h op.o
dyngen: ret or jmp expected at the end of op_divb_AL_T0
gmake[1]: *** [op.h] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dave/build/qemu-0.6.0/i386-softmmu'

This one actually does have me stumped. I don't really see how this is a NetBSD issue. So...any hints?

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