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[Qemu-devel] IRIX status

From: Johannes Schindelin
Subject: [Qemu-devel] IRIX status
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 03:20:14 +0200 (CEST)


I finally found the bug that prevented QEmu from running without
singlestep enabled: I just copied an erroneous version of testandset, and
therefore the interrupts were not called. Linux' calibration loop had no
chance to end.

Of course, other problems came up:

- At the very beginning, QEmu resizes to a 9x1 window, but then changes
back to a saner resolution. It then paints gray stripes, which are then
overwritten by the messages from BIOS. This is non critical.

- On IRIX, the behaviour of SDL is strange: If no bpp is given, it
defaults to 8-bit colour mapped. If one specifies 16 bpp, an overlay is
shown where each black pixel is transparent, and the window does not have
decorations. In 32 bpp everything's fine, though, so I made 32 bpp the
default for IRIX in sdl.c.

- user-net does not work. I have a local patch that aligns mbuf's
mh_data, so there are no more bus errors, but it ain't work.

For now, you can find the current patch and my documentation here (I
don't want to clutter this list too much):



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