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Re: [Qemu-devel] A QEMU net driver for OpenVPN's Tap-Win32 driver

From: John Poplett
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] A QEMU net driver for OpenVPN's Tap-Win32 driver
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 20:54:47 -0500

Hi, all

Here is a patch that allows qemu to interface with OpenVPN's Tap-Win32
driver on windows. This provides an alternative to slirp and allows a guest
OS to appear as though it is directly connected to a LAN.

I have tested it by bridging OpenVPN's Tap-Win32 adapter with an Ethernet
adapter using Windows XP's software network bridge. It gets about 4Mbytes
bandwidth in either direction, tested with iperf on my 2.4 GHz P4. My test
environment consists of Windows XP (host), Slackware 10 (guest) and the 2.0 beta 11 version of the Tap-Win32 driver. I have
not tested this code against ppc or sparc.

Most of the work was done by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I have
contributed the semaphore code, benchmarking and other minor tweaks.

The patch adds a new, win32 specific command line option: -tap adapter. "adapter" should be the name of an installed Tap-Win32 driver.

Here is an example command line using the new option:

qemu.exe -L %QEMU_HOME%\. -tap tap -m 128 -boot c -hda slackware-10-x86.img


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