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[Qemu-devel] Shutting down QEmu fails after Soundblater timeouts

From: Andreas Bollhalder
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Shutting down QEmu fails after Soundblater timeouts
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 00:23:51 +0200

Hello all

I recognized the following in the daily build
"QemuInstall-20041013-snd.exe" from FreeOSZoo on WinXPSP2 running on a
1.2GHz P4 mobile:

1. I have a FreeDOS image running with GEOS and I'm using the SB16
driver. Wave files with for example 16bit, mono and 22050Hz are mostly
played nice. 16bit, stero and 44100Hz are hackly. When I shutdown with
the FreeDOS tool "FDAPM.COM" after a hackly played wave file, FreeDOS
stops after stopping the disks and the QEmu freezes. I think it has
something todo when FDAPM commits the system off APM command.

2. Also, when the soundblaster is in use, Ctrl-Alt doesn't work. But
Ctrl-Esc or Alt-Esc do.

3. How can I disable the first window ? QEmu is running in a second
and the console too (Ctrl-Alt-n works). The "-monitor stdio" doesn't
work and Windows don't know a "/dev/null" ...

Hopes the right people knows what's wrong.


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