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[Qemu-devel] Re: sb16 FreeBSD guest fix

From: Bartosz Fabianowski
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: sb16 FreeBSD guest fix
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 00:32:45 +0200
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I wonder if it's possible to look at CVS logs for this file (FreeBSD,
i gather, was developed with CVS since dawn of times) figure out who
put this line there and ask him?

The relevant commit was made pretty much at dawn of time as well ;). I
tracked it down to "Tue Feb 17 19:16:47 1998 UTC":


Among other things, the following...

outb(io_base + SBDSP_RST, 1);

... is changed to this:

outb(io_base + SBDSP_RST, 3);

So, for some reason, the value 1, which had been used earlier, was
replaced by 3 at that point. The commit log for this change reads:

-- Begin commit message --

- Updated to Luigi's 2-15-98 code.  The code in 2.2 is the same except
  for select/poll and DEVFS changes, which are limited to an
  include/define in sound.h and the actual select/poll implementation
  in sound.c

[ This commit is blind, but the code is similar enough that there will
  hopefully be no problems. ]

-- End commit message --

So whoever Luigi is (sorry, haven't been using FreeBSD quite long enough
to know all the names of developers and former developers ;) might be
the person to ask.

- Bartosz

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