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[Qemu-devel] Sponsorship for QEMU Developers...

From: Leonardo E. Reiter
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Sponsorship for QEMU Developers...
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 15:11:05 -0500
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Hello QEMU Developers,

my name is Leo Reiter, and I am the VP of Engineering for Win4Lin, Inc. My company is based in Austin, Texas, in the U.S.A. We specialize in Windows-on-Linux software. While we are U.S.-based, we welcome dvelopers and partners from all over the world (Europe, Asia, etc.)

As some of you may already know, QEMU is used extensively in our new Win4Lin Pro product for Linux. I have personally been in contact with Fabrice for some time now. It is with his permission that I send this letter.

We are now looking to sponsor open source developers to contribute to the open source QEMU project. We will sponsor in two ways:

1. via a 3rd-party arbitration/escrow service, such as http://www.rentacoder.com , for individual fixed-price tasks. We will always give priority to those who have contributed significantly to QEMU in the past. We will use the mailing list archives to recognize these individuals.

2. via an individually negotiated hourly rate to work at our direction, on an as-needed basis. Depending on the arrangement, part of the compensation may also include equipment and/or software.

Our goal is to accelerate the development of QEMU, while keeping it free and open. At the same time, this obviously improves our own products. We are interested in using Fabrice's TODO list as a starting point for assignments, but there will be other items as well. All work will remain free and open source, and will be contributed back to QEMU developers mailing list in the form of patches for general use. We will compensate the developers we sponsor independent of Fabrice accepting your work into the mainline. (Understandably Fabrice is very busy and sometimes takes a while to review and integrate patches.)

Our mission is to make QEMU better on an ongoing basis, which also helps our own products.

In addition to Fabrice's TODO list, we are mainly interested in stable and portable softmmu optimization. We are not interested in KQEMU functionality at this time, but wish Fabrice the best of luck in securing a sponsor for it.

If anyone is interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact me directly. If you are not yet subscribed to the QEMU developers list, my email address is:
    lreiter  < -A-t- >  win4lin  < -D-o-t- >  com.

Please note that if you are interested in option 1, you should register as a developer (or "coder") with http://www.rentacoder.com as soon as possible. This will be the first service we use since we are already familiar with it, but we may consider others in the future as well. Send me an email in any case so that I can "invite" you with their service.

Best regards, and thank you all for helping Fabrice to make such amazing technology,

Leo Reiter

Leonardo E. Reiter
Vice President of Engineering

Win4Lin, Inc.
Virtual Computing from Desktop to Data Center
Main: +1 512 339 7979
Fax: +1 512 532 6501

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