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Re: Update: [Qemu-devel] MS-DOS Network Client

From: Jonas Maebe
Subject: Re: Update: [Qemu-devel] MS-DOS Network Client
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 15:36:21 +0100

On 17 mrt 2005, at 15:22, Andreas Krause wrote:

But: Both configuration aren't able to transmit a single packet. Using Linux or NT4.0 images with the same configuration of qemu and host OS networking works pretty fine. But no networking in DOS.

Any clue?

I think there is some problem with interrupts under Dos. When booting FreeDos (the image from freeoszoo) and choosing the config with the mouse driver (I think it's the emm386 one), then qemu hangs during the initialisation of the mouse driver in some emulation loop involving an IRQ.


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