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[Qemu-devel] Joystick, gameport, midi, PC speaker and better sound cards

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Subject: [Qemu-devel] Joystick, gameport, midi, PC speaker and better sound cards support
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:03:03 -0500
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I'd like to know if joystick support is being considered for inclusion into
qemu someday ?

in the hopes to help this going forward I have done some quick research on
joystick interface hardware and software.

here are the links I found

this article alone should contain all the information needed to create a
joystick device in the virtual machine


it containst electric description of the gameport , how the port actually
works , how to read from it with some example code and many useful links to
other good articles

for the host side of business , in the case of linux the js* interface takes
care of everything and is surprisingly easy to use (I made a program fully
joystick aware with the "gambas" language in less than a day)

the linux joystick interface is already on your computer at


there is currently limited force feedback support under linux unfortunately

under windows the directx directinput interface can be used , there are
links to article on directinput in the epanorama document and many more can
be found using google

there is also another way to read the joystick that doesn't require directx
but I can't find anything at this time , it is probably in msdn and part of
the base win32 api (probably didn't change since windows95)

I can help with explaining how to read the /dev/js* interface since I just
made a program using it , however I suck at C so I can't help actually
implementing it , but if anyone wants to give this a try, I would gladly
help in any way I can (if only via beta testing , I have a few joysticks and
gamepads and lots of old dos games that use the joystick)

I also found the following extra documentation

a dos game programming tutorial for beginner with a passage on joysticks

this post on the expert-exchange forum has the name of the api calls for the
non-directx joystick interface

msdn doc about the win32-api joystick interface , that should be all that's

now that this is done , there is another piece of hardware that I would like
to see emulated

the pc speaker

both windows and linux provide easy access to the pc speaker , but since
sound card output is already done in qemu , it might be easier to modulate
the sound and output it as wav via the sound card , authencity is a great
thing but accurately reproducing the sound of a pc speaker isn't as much of
a big deal as the Commodore SID chips ;) , an approximation of it out the
sound card will be just fine

so here's the meat I found on the subject

this (I guess) some delphi code to get sound out the pc speaker , it looks
like there a bunch of inline asm , and hardware addresses so I guess it's

these two pages had some links to a lot of dos sound code
some of it could probably be used to improve the sb16-compatible emulated
card (which works fine except for missing pnp and not understanding some
operations dos games used to use to auto-detect the card)
the code contained there is supposed to have moved to

this 2 part article on the pc speakers looks like a very complete
description of the pc speakers , how to use it , how it works etc..
this might be all that's needed

a quick passage about the pc speaker usage under linux
I'm sure there a lot more somewhere in the linux kernel source , I just
can't find it at this time

there's a little bit more information here

both the same article on the pc-speaker

Creating a Kernel Driver for the PC Speaker

after writing this post I continued to dig in programmersheaven.com
and I found all the following files I think could be relevant
some are about the pc speakers and a lot of them are about the sounblaster ,
GUS and adlib cards on both digital audio and midi synthetised audio

some of these have C and pascal code that could greatly help supporting more
sb16 auto-detection/autoconfiguration subroutines

I took all these files and put them in a tar on my website at


I renamed each file to something more descriptive than the original 8.3 char

AdLib and soundblaster FM Music toolkit with C source.zip
Brief Overview of Proposed General MIDI Level 1 Spec.zip
CZ 1000 101 MIDI implementation.zip
CZ-102 MIDI data and implementation chart.zip
Casio CZ MIDI Guide to Everything you Never Wanted to Know about MIDI but are going to Find Out Anyway.zip
Cpp sources for programming with the soundblaster16.zip
Description of MIDI Status Bytes.zip
Description of MIDI notes.zip
Description of the AdLib and Soundblaster FM music chips.txt
Dictionary of Midi Computer terms.zip
Example PASCAL code for SB compatible digital sound routines.txt
Example PASCAL code for using standard AdLib routines.txt
FMSOUND is a library for generating tones with the OPL2 FM chip.zip
GUS autodetection code in asm.zip
GUSDUMP dumps the entire contents of your GUS DRAM to a file and also plays the contents of the GUS DRAM back out through the GUS.zip
GUSREV Release 0.2 The GUS revision detector.zip
Gravis Ultrasound JP5 and JP7 mods and specs.zip
Gravis Ultrasound Tech Specs The Unofficial Doc.zip
Gravis Ultrasound audio synthesis.zip
Gravis Ultrasound programming files.zip
Gus programmers digest v16.zip
GusLib is a public domain programming library for the Gravis UltraSound sound card.zip Gusinfo is ment to be used by developers using the GUS. It shows information about the card while in use.zip
How to make your GUS sound like it cost more than it did.zip
MIDI 1.0 Specification.zip
MIDI CZ programming tips.zip
MIDI Channel mode messages.zip
MIDI Channel voice messages.zip
MIDI System messages.zip
MIDI Time Code and Cueing Detailed Specification.zip
Midi status & data bytes in hex and dec.zip
PC Cacophony pc speaker C music library.zip
PC MIDI basics no1 what is MIDI.zip
PC MIDI basics no2 MIDI interfaces.zip
PC MIDI basics no3 introduction to sequencers and notators.zip
Programming Information v0.90.txt
Programming Information v0.90.zip
Programming the SoundBlaster 16 DSP.txt
Realtime Pitchshifting on the GUS and GUSMAX.zip
SB and GUS coexistence Frequently Asked Questions.zip
SMIX is a turbo pascal lib that can do software downmixing and some auto-configuration of the dma.zip
Sound master is a turbo pascal sound lib for use in games.zip
SoundBlaster DSP manuals and samples v1.0.zip
SoundFX A Tutorial Introduction to Creating Sounds on the PC.zip
SoundFX II A Step-By-Step Tutorial in Cpp.zip
Soundblaster digest number 16.txt
The USENET MIDI Primer.zip
The UltraSound Source no1 Magazine for GUSers.zip
The Un-official Sound Blaster AWE32 Programming Guide.txt
The Un-official Sound Blaster AWE32 Programming Guide.zip
The official Gravis Ultrasound Programmers Encyclopedia.zip
UltraSound Memory Test V1.01 Gusmem.zip
Varmint's Audio Tools SB16 DSP programming kit.zip
What is MIDI.zip
another midi interface for the soundblaster gameport.txt
description of a gameport to midi hardware interface.txt
gossip about the upcoming soundblaster pro v2.txt
image that came with the 2nd midi-gameport interface.pcx
image that came with the 2nd midi-gameport interface2.pcx
troubleshooting with the Soundblaster and Gravis UltraSound on the same board.txt

Jean-Francois Perreault

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