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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH] Various patches from Scratchbox

From: Timo Savola
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] Various patches from Scratchbox
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 16:51:05 +0300

Hello.  Here's a bunch of patches that have been developed for
Scratchbox's [1] version of qemu.  They make it possible to run the ARM
version of the maemo [2] platform.

[1] http://scratchbox.org/
[2] http://maemo.org/

The patches have been made against qemu 0.7.0, and most of them are
specific to user-mode emulation.  Some of them are quite evil, but I've
included them for educational reasons...

The following files are attached:

  * evil-dlclose.patch
    Description: This patch fixes dlopen/dlclose issues with qemu.  It
      flags every close call and flushes the code gen buffer thus
      causing some performance hit.
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * ipc.patch
    Description: Implements SysV IPC message and semaphore IPC calls.
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * proc-hack.patch
    Description: Implements a /proc/self/exe readlink hack; it returns
      the emulated binary instead of qemu.
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * sigaction.patch
    Description: This patch fixes emulated sigaction behaviour with
      invalid signal parameters SIGKILL and SIGSTOP.  EINVAL is returned
      for these
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * sigsilent.patch
    Description: Modifies signal handling so that uncaught signal
      message is not printed to stderr.  (This would screw up some
      applications that wants to kill their siblings...)
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * socketcall.patch
    Description: Fixes AF_UNIX sockets' address structure length
      handling so that UNIX sockets can be used.
    Author: Timo Savola

  * socketopt.patch
    Description: Implements SO_LINGER, SO_RCVTIMEO, SO_SNDTIMEO,
      SO_PEERNAME and SO_PEERCRED getsockoptions.
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * solinger-setsockopt.patch
    Description: Implements SO_LINGER setsockoption which is needed by
      some network applications.
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

  * sysctl.patch
    Description: Implements kernel version query using the sysctl
    Author: Timo Savola

  * tcpip-sockopt.patch
    Description: Implements the SOL_IP/IP_TOS option for setsockopt and
      SOL_TCP/TCP_NODELAY option for getsockopt.
    Author: Timo Savola

  * truncate64.patch
    Description: Implements truncate64 syscall.
    Author: Valtteri Rahkonen

We also use the following patches by Ulrich Hecht (posted previously to

  * qemu-arm-sigfpe.patch
  * qemu-jobsignals.patch
  * qemu-sigaltstackhack.patch
  * qemu-syscalls.patch


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