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Re: [Qemu-devel] Build environment image

From: jeebs
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Build environment image
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 15:52:20 -0500

"John R. Hogerhuis"

> I can't say. But even if it were, I'd guess most here would rather work
> under Unix-like OS.


The Linux builders outnumber the Win builders by probably 50 to one.  If not 

But I know from the effort I went through to get qemu to build under windows 
that it can indeed be a problem.

And it's a bit sensitive to what other stuff you may install.  And which 
version of Mingw you do.  (Older works, newer doesn't.)

> The only trouble is getting mingw, library dependencies, etc. set up in
> the first place, and having a standard build image or Live CD is one
> possible solution to that problem.

Well, when I was building the gtk version for Jim, we did encounter a 
situation with the libraries.

His build didn't use the same settings as the prebuilt ones did for Windows.

And a library header was in a different location than expected.

A linux environment might be inclined to just build the whole thing.  And to 
use paths as located in linux.

It's also possible that developers may introduce more linux specific stuff 
without even realizing it.

I'm just saying that some Win build issues might show up that you didn't 
think about while doing a Linux one.

And by providing both a Win and a Linux version, developers can test both 
build environments.

Realistically, it wouldn't be all that hard to set up a ReactOS setup. 
There are directions on the qemu user forum for doing a Mingw build.  I have 
a copy, so I could post those.  CoMiKe did an excellent job.

I could probably do it except that don't know how to do the scripts under 
msys (probably just command files, right?) and I have no way to send anybody 
a large disk image.

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