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Re: [Qemu-devel] quick gtk2.c update

From: jeebs
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] quick gtk2.c update
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 12:11:10 -0500

"Jm C. Brown"
> This should be fixed now. (At least, this now works in Windows 98 and XP.) 
> I
> managed to combine the 3 separate mouse handlers into a single function as 
> well,
> so there is less redundant code.

It does appear to be fixed.

> Also, I managed to get rid of the all of the GTK warnings.

That's always good.  Although this time I didn't watch it build to see if 
there were any new ones.

There *is* still an <insert> key problem.

I tested it under Win3, Win95 and Win98

That's the only key I've noticed that still has problems.  But I may not 
have tested them all, so I might have missed one or two others.

When I run the gtk version from the qgui program (which just lets you select 
which VM, what options etc., and then runs it) the qemu window doesn't pop 
up as visible.  I have to clcik on its title on the task bar to bring it 
forward.  Probably needs a command to bring it into 'focus' or some such.

> Most fullscreen glitches are gone now. (The only one left is that, if you 
> change

I haven't really tested that much...

Under Win95 guest it doesn't really go 'full screen'.  It's a borderless 
window.  That could be due to Win95 being in 640x480 mode and my real screen 
is larger?

Let me run a couple of tests with Win98.   (Win95 seems to have problems 
with the qemu cirrus card, but that could be due to it being a 'dirty' 

Okay, it looks like the full screen mode has problems.

First, it doesn't really go 'full screen'.  It just makes a borderless 

That means you can't use a guest window the same size as the host, otherwise 
the host XP toolbar will cover up part of the guest window.  (XP's toolbar 
can be on any side of the screen.  There can even be multiple toobars.  So 
you really can't depend on having any certain amount of visible screen 

As a test, I decided to see what would happen if I made Win98's screen 
larger than what my real one is.  The results were interesting!

Naturally I couldn't see most of it.  After all, you haven't yet done any 
scrollbars or scaling of the window.  (Actually, scroll bars would be nice, 
but if you can scale the window, then the guest could think you are using 
any size while everything is still fiting nicely into the host window.  That 
could even let you resize the qemu screen to any size you want, and let the 
gtk driver resize the display as needed.)

The interesting part was the mouse behavior!  I ended up with *two* mouse 
cursors on the screen.  And they weren't moving quite right.  I couldn't 
move the guest Win98 one where I needed to.

I don't know if this was a gtk issue, or a Windows host issue....

Let me go try that with the 0.70 SDL build....

Hmmm... I can't get it to do it there.  But I'm not entirely sure of the 
exact steps I did to cause it under GTK.  And of course, the SDL version 
crashes when I try full screen.

Let me try it again with the GTK build...

This time, I didn't even test the full screen mode (since you said it does 
still have problems.).  But, I definetly have mouse problems.  After I 
switched to a screen larger than my real screen, I couldn't move the mouse 
much.  It was very limited amount of movement.  Much less than the visible 
part of the qemu screen was.

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