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Re: [Qemu-devel] vnc patch

From: Eric Hameleers
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] vnc patch
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:49:50 +0200
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> From:         Christian Bourque
> Subject:      [Qemu-devel] vnc patch
> Date:         Thu, 27 Apr 2006 09:32:44 -0400
> Hi!
> Could someone post the last version of the vnc patch that applies
> cleanly against current cvs version?
> Thanks
> Christian

I have a re-worked patch based on
http://libvncserver.sourceforge.net/qemu/qemu-rfb13.patch.gz that I
keep here. It applies cleanly against the april26th CVS snapshot and
works OK for me.



Eric Hameleers

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