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Re: [Qemu-devel] Pending MIPS patches

From: Fabrice Bellard
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Pending MIPS patches
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 18:39:21 +0200
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Dirk Behme wrote:

just fyi below my list of pending MIPS patches. Not sure if all patches are ready for inclusion, but maybe they are helpful for somebody. I try to track which patches are already applied and which not. Please feel free to add, comment, discuss etc anything.

Best regards


Pending MIPS patches (bugs & improvements):

1. [PATCH] Huge TLB performance improvement

Need to verify that it does not slow down x86 target.

2. [PATCH][MIPS] add "lwu" instruction

On which MIPS CPU is it defined ? Need to track instruction sets exactly to be able to select a given MIPS CPU at compile time or dynamically.

3. [PATCH] Add special MIPS multiply instructions

Same remark.

4. [PATCH][MIPS] Enforce aligned pc

Can it happen on a real MIPS ? If not, an assert should be used for example.

5.[PATCH 5-6/8] Mips improvements

OK. Maybe expanding only the performance critical CP0 insn would have sufficed ?


Note: Patch 7/8 was eaten by list.

6. [PATCH] Fix initial value for MIPS CP0 Config Register

Already done.

7. [PATCH] Restructure MIPS r4k code
Note: Pending until additional MIPS machines are added. Comment from
Fabrice: I prefer to wait until there is another mips machine (e.g. Malta).
Currently I see no reason to move the mips code as it is very small.

8. [PATCH] Add mips-user signal handling

OK. Need to check the handling of "env->PC += 4" in linux-user/main.c. I want to be sure there is not a better solution. Adding setup_rt_frame would be good too.

9. [PATCH] Update MIPS status register with EXL and ERL bits at exception

OK but the following lines are suspicious:

         } else {
             env->CP0_ErrorEPC = env->PC;
-        env->hflags = MIPS_HFLAG_ERL;
+        env->hflags |= MIPS_HFLAG_ERL;
+       env->CP0_Status &= (1 << CP0St_ERL);
         pc = 0xBFC00000;


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