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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] Support VNC PointerTypeChange psuedo-encoding

From: Anthony Liguori
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] Support VNC PointerTypeChange psuedo-encoding
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 11:22:28 -0500
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Ramesh Dharan wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
This extension is documented at
VMware has a very similar extension for their remote console.  I
that Ramesh Dharan (whom I've CCed) at some point implemented it in one
or more open source clients.  Perhaps some coordination here is

Hi Ramesh,

Sorry for the delayed response. Believe it or not, your note just made it to qemu-devel (along with a month or so of backlogged mail).

Yeah I played implemented support for VMware's relative pointer extension, as
well as our "grab" metaphor, and some other stuff, on top of the RealVNC
4.1.1 codebase. I unfortunately never got the patch cleaned up enough for
submitting back to RealVNC however...

I have a work-in-progress document that defines our extensions but it's not
really ready for public consumption yet. I'm not sure of the context here,
but I assume QEMU is using VNC as the wire protocol for displaying
framebuffer contents remotely?


 Are you writing a new VNC client from scratch
or building on one of the existing GPL'ed clients?

At the moment, we work out of the box with existing clients (albeit with reduced functionality). I have my own VNC client (gtk-vnc). The VNC extensions are also supported by virt-manager.

As they mature, I'd like to get them into the main VNC clients too.

The main limitations we've run into with using the VNC protocol for VM
interaction are:

(1) no support for keyboard scancodes (VNC uses higher level symbolic keys
which aren't necessarily 1:1 mappable back to their scancode equivalents in
all the scenarios we care about)

Yes, right now, we do not address this.

(2) no relative mouse support

We have an extension that addresses this.

(3) no alpha cursor support

There is a pseudo-encoding that provides alpha cursors with a 1-bit alpha channel. An 8 bit alpha channel would be nice of course.

(4) no dynamic pixel depth/bpp change support

This is something I do want to fix. This isn't just a server-side issue, there is also a race in the protocol when a client uses SetPixelFormat. A proper notification of when the server switches pixel format after a SetPixelFormat would solve this problem.

(5) No notion of multiplexing displays on a single port.

Right.  ATM, I don't really plan on addressing this.

(6) No client->server message negotiation.

We actually can do this. I've reserved the 255 client message ID which I'm using to multiplex various other messages. I currently use this to implement a shared memory pseudo-encoding for VNC. The idea is that on localhost, the server can render directly to a shared memory segment that the client also maps. If the one is smart about how this shared memory segment is chosen, it can be used as an XShmImage.

I implemented new client->server messages for the (1) and (2), and
server->client pseudorectangle extensions for (3) and (4). We deal with (5)
in a different way; our display multiplexing is handled at a higher level. We
ignored (6) since our clients currently only talk to our servers.

Looking at the linked site, it looks like you folks have already identified
and are planning to deal with (2), possibly (5) (via some games with the
display name?) and (6). I'd be particularly interested to hear more about
plans for how to address (5), it would be great if off-the-shelf/3rd-party
clients could talk to multiple VMs running on a host without needing to know
and use a separate the port for each VM.
Our remote consoles/clients are heavily tied to our products and there aren't
any real plans to divest them or make them more generally useful in the near
future. However, that's likely to change someday, and anyway I'd be happy to
provide feedback on, and implement support for these extensions so that e.g.
a QEMU client could talk to a VMware instance, and in general get
standardization to the point where it's possible to build a single remote
client that could talk to the various VM implementations (QEMU, Xen, VMware,

I believe http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=VMNC covers some of your extensions right? Have you gotten the appropriate encodings reserved in the RFB spec? I don't want to support any encodings that aren't properly registered so this would be an important first step.

I'm certainly happy to work toward a common set of VNC extensions to cover virtualization. It's in everyones benefit to ensure that the largest number of clients Just Work out of the box.


Anthony Liguori


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