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Re: [Qemu-devel] [patch] More PCI ethernet emulations

From: Stefan Weil
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [patch] More PCI ethernet emulations
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:33:59 +0200
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File eepro100.tar.bz2 (added to this mail) contains everything
needed to add 3 new PCI network device (all similar to EEPRO100):

        added two binaries needed for EEPRO100
        split entries for PCI network devices (1 line / entry, better
merging with CVS)
       added prototypes for EEPRO100
       added new PCI network models: i82551, i82557b, i82559er

    EEPRO100 PCI network emulation

hw/eeprom93xx.c, hw/eeprom93xx.h:
    EEPROM emulation, needed for EEPRO100 (and others)

I just finished running these tests using a PC host running Debian GNU

* compilation for all QEMU target architectures: ok
* cross compilation (Windows) for all QEMU target architectures: ok
* functional test: ok

The last test was started like this:

i386-softmmu/qemu -L pc-bios --net nic,model=i82559er --net tap /dev/hda

Networking was tested using ping and ssh connection from emulated system
to host.

I did not apply your patch, because I cannot test it (it needs a system with
different endianess). Your feedback is welcome


Ben Taylor wrote:
> ---- Stefan Weil <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> these new ethernet drivers for QEMU are now available:
>> Intel 8255x ("E100", "EEPRO100"):
>> http://svn.berlios.de/wsvn/ar7-firmware/qemu/trunk/hw/eepro100.c?op=file
> Having been through this with the rlt8139.c driver,
> I can expect that the area around:
> static void nic_selective_reset(EEPRO100State * s)
> {
> size_t i;
> uint16_t *eeprom_contents = eeprom93xx_data(s->eeprom);
> //~ eeprom93xx_reset(s->eeprom);
> memcpy(eeprom_contents, s->macaddr, 6);
> will need to change the memcpy to something like:
> s->macaddr[0] = eeprom_contents[0] || eeprom_contents[1]<<8;
> s->macaddr[2] = eeprom_contents[2] || eeprom_contents[3]<<8;
> s->macaddr[4] = eeprom_contents[4] || eeprom_contents[5]<<8;
> I'll try to give it whack tommorow. Do you have some glue on the
> Makefile.target?
> Ben
> Both drivers use a new EEPROM driver:
> http://svn.berlios.de/wsvn/ar7-firmware/qemu/trunk/hw/eeprom93xx.c?op=file
> http://svn.berlios.de/wsvn/ar7-firmware/qemu/trunk/hw/eeprom93xx.h?op=file
> This EEPROM driver can be shared by any other device which needs
> an EEPROM, for example replace the driver for RTL8139 or add an
> EEPROM to cirrus vga or other ethernet cards.
> I estimate the status of the EEPROM driver to be stable.
> Fabrice, maybe this part can be integrated in QEMU head.
> Both ethernet drivers work with QEMU head and Linux on x86 host / guest,
> but have known endianess issues (they will at least need fixes for big
> endian hosts) and are experimental. I am still working on them.
> Feedback and bug fixes are welcome.
> Regards
> Stefan

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