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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] OpenGL for OS X

From: Mike Kronenberg
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] OpenGL for OS X
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 08:54:10 +0100

On 01.02.2008, at 17:45, Mike Kronenberg wrote:

After a little discussion on the list, I made this patch for cocoa.m, to replace CoreGraphic by OpenGL.

It's way faster than CG, but it requires a Mac with OpenGL capable Graphics Card and at least 8mb of VRAM.
I think starting with G4 and Highend G3, this requirements are met.

[new] draws dirty lines of the window as needed, implemented with OpenGL (used the extensions as proposed by Pierre)
[new] window can be resized
[fix] conditional builds for Leopard, without linking to a specific sdk
[fix] lineflicker in fullscreen mode

The Question is, where to draw the line - or - if it needs a switch for CG/OpenGL support for cocoa.

Please test and comment.


[1] http://www.kberg.ch/qemu/091patches/cocoa_m_OpenGL.diff.gz

Just wanted to ask, if this OpenGL patch for cocoa gets applied,
else I have to fix two minor issues with the my CoreGraphics for cocoa.


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