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Re: [Qemu-devel] resetting a stale VNC connection

From: Avi Kivity
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] resetting a stale VNC connection
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 21:38:10 +0300
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David Ahern wrote:
This patch enables TCP keepalives on VNC connections. After 60-seconds
of idle time, probes are sent every 2 seconds with the connection
resetting after 4 failed probes. This might be a rather aggressive
setting -- 8 seconds until connection is reset.

I think you are right, it's too aggressive. Maybe reduce it so it takes a minute until we give up.

Also, I believe this is a linux-specific way of doing this; not sure
what the posix/windows method is. Open to suggestions.

At the very least, you need to wrap this in a #if defined(...) && defined (...) ... so it doesn't break compilation on hosts that don't support those socket options.

Do not meddle in the internals of kernels, for they are subtle and quick to 

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