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[Qemu-devel] Re: [PATCH 2/3] char: Remove special init_reset handling

From: Jan Kiszka
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: [PATCH 2/3] char: Remove special init_reset handling
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 19:53:43 +0100
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Amit Shah wrote:
> On (Tue) Nov 03 2009 [23:25:52], Amit Shah wrote:
>> On (Tue) Nov 03 2009 [18:08:57], Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> Amit Shah wrote:
>>>> The initial_reset sent to chardevs doesn't do much other than setting
>>>> a bool to true. Char devices are interested in the open event and
>>>> that gets sent whenever the device is opened.
>>> Have you checked with the monitor in all use cases (dedicated & muxed
>>> console, stdio & SDL console, etc.)? It was introduced once to fix a
>> I've checked with -monitor stdio, monitor in SDL and also chardevs using
>> unix sockets.
>> I've not tried mux yet; I'll try that and report back. BTW if it ends up
>> not working with this patch, it'd be broken in the current master as
>> well.
> I tried with:
> -chardev stdio,mux=on,id=mux -monitor chardev:mux -serial chardev:mux
> The monitor prompt shows up as does the serial output.
> (btw I've also tried closing and opening char devs and that works fine
> too)

That sounds good. Then something must have changed since 2970a6c943, do
you see what?


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