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[Qemu-devel]question:arm's mutli-core emulator

From: m9807418
Subject: [Qemu-devel]question:arm's mutli-core emulator
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 22:35:34 +0800 (CST)

> 2009/11/7 m9807418 <address@hidden>:
>> When I used qemu-system-arm and the -smp option.
>> I key -smp 2.
>> It have a message ""Number of SMP cpus requested (2), exceeds max cpus
>> supported by machine `Versatile' (1) "
>> which files of the qemu source code can i change?
>> And the change can let me emulator arm's multi-core.
> 1. Your question has nothing to do with the development of qemu, so
> don't be surprised when you don't get too many responses.
> 2. See qemu/hw/realview.c
>    if (!cpu_model)
>        cpu_model = "arm926";
>    /* FIXME: obey smp_cpus.  */
>    if (strcmp(cpu_model, "arm11mpcore") == 0) {
>        ncpu = 4;
>    } else {
>        ncpu = 1;
>    }
Scott tsai's answer whether i must use arm11mpcore cpu,i just can emulator 4 
Can i change the number and get the number i want?
And Versatilepb.c i use the same way like Realview.c.
Qemu shell can find 2 cpus,but the OS can't install.
I am fail.

Now i have another question.
1.Arm's multi-core emulator whether can use arm Versatile? 
If it can, i must do what?

2.If can not use arm Versatile,can talk me which can be emulator multi-core 
except arm RealView.

Sorry.I don't know how to do use qemu emulator RealView
and where to download theRealView's kernel and initrd file? 
Anyone have some step to emulator arm Realview.
like  http://www.aurel32.net/info/debian_arm_qemu.php

anybody can help me

qun yi 

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