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Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: Live migration protocol, device features, ABIs and

From: Gerd Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: Live migration protocol, device features, ABIs and other beasts
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 15:52:40 +0100
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On 11/25/09 15:09, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
We were discussing features that are (mostly) not user-visible.
It is clear that if you have a user-visible change you have
a different machine, so you can not migrate.

Now if you fix a bug by changing savevm format, without user visible
changes you *also* can not migrate, but this does not make it into
feature or make it a good fit for machine description.

Well, it does fit into the machine description IMHO. When you want migrate to a old qemu version you need to know what the old qemu version understands, and the machine description for old qemu is a natural fit.

We still could make the use of this information optional though, so savevm/migration could use either the most recent savevm format (ignoring DeviceState->savevm_version) or the savevm format matching the machine type (using DeviceState->savevm_version) depending on what the user chooses.


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