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[Qemu-devel] Re: [BUG] Migration broken by "e1000: port to vmstate"

From: Jan Kiszka
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: [BUG] Migration broken by "e1000: port to vmstate"
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 15:14:47 +0100
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Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Juan Quintela wrote:
>> Pierre Riteau <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> e482dc3eaac43f88beea133843ae38c661262e97 breaks migration of a VM using an 
>>> e1000 device (which is the default...).
>>> Origin host is Debian Lenny 32-bits, destination host is Fedora 12 32-bit. 
>>> Guest is running Debian Lenny 32-bit.
>>> Symtoms: origin finishes migration correctly, but destination prints "load 
>>> of migration failed" and the VM is stopped.
>>> This is because the origin closed the connexion, so qemu_fill_buffer reads 
>>> a buffer with len == 0, which is treated as an error later (f->has_error = 
>>> 1).
>>> Reverting e482dc3eaac43f88beea133843ae38c661262e97 fixes the problem.
>> Do you use --enable-kvm?  That could explain it.
> Confirmed here - the hard way, ie. after debugging a while on my own
> patches. My scenario is default command line + -enable-kvm, migration to
> file (exec:cat), then restore from that file. Restore fails while
> reading the e1000 state with EOF.

Forgot to add: IIRC, the EOF first popped up in the second "mac_reg"
section, ie. the VMSTATE_UINT32_SUB_ARRAY(..., MTA). May SUB_ARRAY is
buggy. e1000 seems to be its only user so far.

>> I will take at that two bugs this week.  I tested everything on 64bit
>> hosts.
> Any news on this?
> Jan


Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT T DE IT 1
Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux

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