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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/13] i386 cpuid: cleanup and fixes

From: Andre Przywara
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/13] i386 cpuid: cleanup and fixes
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 11:08:08 +0100


first: I know that this conflicts with John Cooper's latest patch, but I want
to send this out for review and to help merging the stuff.

This patchset cleans up the CPUID handling code in QEMU. The biggest change
is obviously the move of the CPUID function to a separate file (cpuid.c).
This helps to split up a rather large source file, which's name (helper.c) is
also a bit misleading.
Please tell me soon if you don't like it so that I can rebase the rest of
Additionally the rest of the patches beautifies or simplifies some code.
Feature additions are:
 5/13: add missing CPUID feature bit names
 6/13: list CPUID feature bit names when using -cpu ?
 9/13: -cpu host propagates more CPUID leafs, so that the cache topology
       will be visibile in the guest
10/13: add CPUID feature bit trimming for TCG: Features not supported by
       the emulator will be masked out.
11/13: always show all CPU types: also expose the newer (64bit) CPU types
       for the i386 emulator. 64bit features will be masked out due to 10/13.
12/13: add kvm32 CPU model: Per popular request add a counterpart to kvm64
       describing a basic hardware virtualization capable CPU for migration

More details in the commit messages.

Note: In opposite to the last version I left out patches which change
the CPUID bits of existing CPU models to avoid regressions with guests.

Please review and comment.


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