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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 657006] Re: arm v7M - svc insn doesn't trigger PendSV

From: jb
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 657006] Re: arm v7M - svc insn doesn't trigger PendSV handler
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 19:25:26 -0000

Issue "solved".

In freeRtos, for the first "context switch" (launch the first task), the
register pc is written with an adress with le bit0 equal to 1 (thumb).
If I change this and set bit0 to 0 (new_pc = task_to_start_pointer &
0xfffffffe), it is working well. I do not know yet (i will try next
week) If it is working with the bit0 equal to 1 on the real target but
according to freeRtos, it should work.

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devel-ml, which is subscribed to QEMU.

  arm v7M - svc insn doesn't trigger PendSV handler

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  The svc instruction doesn't work as expected.

  -> qemu 0.13.0 rc1 (git)

  Test : demo with freeRTOS (for example
  FreeRTOS-6.0.5/Demo/CORTEX_LM3S811_GCC) with the card lm3s811evb.

  If we start the scheduler, it will call that function (__attribute__
  (( naked ))) :

  void vPortStartFirstTask( void )


          __asm volatile(

                                          " ldr r0, =0xE000ED08   \n" /*
  Use the NVIC offset register to locate the stack. */

                                          " ldr r0, [r0]

                                          " ldr r0, [r0]

                                          " msr msp, r0
  \n" /* Set the msp back to the start of the stack. */

                                          " svc 0
  \n" /* System call to start first task. */



  The 4 first lines in asm work fine. The scv 0 call will rise the right 
interrupt in qemu (line 151, in arm_gic.c, best_irq = 15). However, it will 
never call the PendSV Handler (xPortPendSVHandler here). This function is 
recorded in the nvic vector.
  Next, (after the svc), the processor will execute the line after in code 
(this is a naked function) so the next function written after 
vPortStartFirstTask in the code.

  command line :
  console 1 : qemu-system-arm -M lm3s6965evb -kernel gcc/RTOSDemo.axf -s -S
  console 2 : arm-none-eabi-gdb -ex "target remote localhost:1234" 

  arm-none-eabi from 
  Same error with another project with arm-elf

  processor : arm cortex m3

  host : gentoo (2.6.35-r9) (without kqemu)

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