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[Qemu-devel] Re: [PATCH 1/5] Introduce -display argument

From: Jes Sorensen
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: [PATCH 1/5] Introduce -display argument
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 13:41:58 +0100
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On 03/14/11 13:40, Peter Maydell wrote:
> On 14 March 2011 12:28,  <address@hidden> wrote:
>> This patch introduces a -display argument which consolidates the
>> setting of the display mode. Valid options are:
>> sdl/curses/default/nographic
> I wasn't expecting to see "nographic" as an option here -- my
> preference would be to retain the existing '-nographic' switch
> for backwards-compatibility, but '-display foo' should only
> affect the video type. (ie the equivalent of '-nographic' ought
> to be a set of options including '-display none', '-serial mon:stdio'
> and so on, not a single '-display:nographic').

It would be easy to remove it from the -display option, but I think it
is fair to keep it in. I was pretty much trying to cover every DT_foo
option we have. If nographic is going away as a display option, we
should make it in the code that it is for legacy support only.


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