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[Qemu-devel] eepro100 and qemu0.14: unknown word write

From: Sébastien BRICE
Subject: [Qemu-devel] eepro100 and qemu0.14: unknown word write
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 20:56:38 +0100

Hi everyone

I have been using qemu-kvm with success the last two years and its really amazing.
I am new to this mailing list and i am requesting your assistance because i struggle to have my virtual card working with an 'exotic' virtual System

address@hidden:~/qemu-kvm-0.14.0$ kvm -net nic,model=i82557b /media/prologue.img

Whatever i try the guest system never initializes the Intel 100 Pro NIC Card as it is supposed to do

And thats almost working with eep100.c source and -net nic,model=i82557b option
But each time the qemu hangs with:

eepro100: feature is missing in this emulation: unknown word write

Something is not working properly and i suspect some tweaking to do, some code to change to get it working
The thing is i am no that good with programming and i would very thankful if someone could help me a bit

the function that gives me issues is this one below
thx you for your advices
any help welcome ^^

static void eepro100_write2(EEPRO100State * s, uint32_t addr, uint16_t val)
    /* SCBStatus is readonly. */
    if (addr > SCBStatus && addr <= sizeof(s->mem) - sizeof(val)) {
        memcpy(&s->mem[addr], &val, sizeof(val));

    TRACE(OTHER, logout("addr=%s val=0x%04x\n", regname(addr), val));

    switch (addr) {
    case SCBStatus:
        s->mem[SCBAck] = (val >> 8);
case SCBCmd:
        eepro100_write_command(s, val);
        eepro100_write1(s, SCBIntmask, val >> 8);
    case SCBeeprom:
        eepro100_write_eeprom(s->eeprom, val);
        logout("addr=%s val=0x%04x\n", regname(addr), val);
        missing("unknown word write");

I screw all Companies, firms, brands in charge of slowing down GNU/Linux on the desktop.

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