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[Qemu-devel] [0/27] Implement emulation of pSeries logical partitions (v

From: David Gibson
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [0/27] Implement emulation of pSeries logical partitions (v5)
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:21:05 +1100

This patch series adds a "pseries" machine to qemu, allowing it to
emulate IBM pSeries logical partitions.  More specifically it
implements the interface defined by the "PowerPC Architecture Platform
Requirements" document (PAPR, or sPAPR for short).

Along the way we add a bunch of support for more modern ppc CPUs than
are currently supported.  It also makes some significant cleanups to
the translation code for hash page table based ppc MMUs.

Please apply.


Note that I haven't implemented (yet) a min_ram field in the machine
structure.  There are a number of places where the pseries platform
would benefit from more participation of the machine description in
command line validation.  In want to think a bit more about these
before sending some patches.  For now I've taken the simpler approach
of just adding a meaningful error message to the machine init function
if ram_size is too small.

Changes since v4 of this series:
 * Fix build breakages for powerpc targets other than ppc64 full system.
 * Since the pseries platform requires libfdt, only compile it when
   configured with --enable-fdt
 * Give an informative error if invoked with insufficient guest RAM to
   run the partition firmware.  Without this, giving insufficient RAM
   - such as qemu's default 64M - would lead to the firmware failing
   cryptically partway through boot.

Changes since v3 of this series:
 * Many, many checkpatch fixups
 * Integrated feedback from qemu-devel list
 * Added in-partition SLOF firmware

Changes since v2 of this series:
 * Assorted bugfixes and cleanups.

Changes since v1 of this series:
 * numerous coding style fixups
 * incorporated most review comments from initial version
 * moved to a wholly dynamic hypercall registration scheme
 * assorted other cleanups
 * many more patches implementing VIO devices

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