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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/15] Convert commands to QAPI (batch 1) (v2)

From: Anthony Liguori
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/15] Convert commands to QAPI (batch 1) (v2)
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 17:24:29 -0500
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On 09/07/2011 05:04 PM, Alexander Graf wrote:

On 08.09.2011, at 00:03, Anthony Liguori wrote:

On 09/07/2011 04:56 PM, Alexander Graf wrote:

On 02.09.2011, at 19:34, Anthony Liguori wrote:

This is my attempt to jump-start the QAPI switch over.  All of the hard work
is already done in my qapi branch, we just need to start merging stuff.

To simplify the merge process, I've introduced a new mode to the code generator
that lets us do conversions without using the new QMP server.

Once this series is merged, anything that touchs QMP (to modify a command or
add a new command) must do it through QAPI--no exceptions.

This series also includes Dans change to the 'change' command.  I'm not thrilled
about people using this command but its better to err on the side of caution.
It's now officially deprecated with much more robust replacement commands.

Since v1, I've tried to address all review comments.  I've also tested the
modified commands extensively.

Just stumbled over this while trying to build. Smells like missing Makefile 
dependencies (works just fine with -j1), but I figured I'd give you a heads up 
on this. It's a fresh checkout with nothing done but ./configure; make -j.

address@hidden:/dev/shm/qemu>   make -j
   GEN   i386-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   arm-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   x86_64-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   cris-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   lm32-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   m68k-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   microblaze-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   microblazeel-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   mips-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   mipsel-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   mips64-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   mips64el-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   ppcemb-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   ppc-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   ppc64-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sh4-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sh4eb-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sparc-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sparc64-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   i386-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   s390x-softmmu/config-devices.mak
   GEN   x86_64-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   alpha-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   arm-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   armeb-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   cris-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   m68k-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   microblaze-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   microblazeel-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   mips-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   mipsel-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   ppc-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   ppc64-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sh4-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   ppc64abi32-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sh4eb-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sparc64-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sparc32plus-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   unicore32-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   sparc-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   s390x-linux-user/config-devices.mak
   GEN   config-all-devices.mak
   GEN   config-host.h
   GEN   trace.h
   GEN   qemu-options.def
   GEN   qapi-generated/qga-qapi-visit.h
   GEN   trace.c
   CC    trace/default.o
   CC    trace/control.o
   GEN   qemu-img-cmds.h
cc1: error: qapi-generated: No such file or directory
cc1: error: qapi-generated: No such file or directory

I've seen this before too but this is due to guest-agent, not this patch series.

Ah, sorry, didn't track down what exactly was going wrong where and figured 
since it fails on qapi, it'd be related :)

I assume the root cause is that qapi-generated is being generated by make instead of by configure. Mike, care to throw together a quick patch to change that? Then there's no guess work tracking down dependencies.


Anthony Liguori


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