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[Qemu-devel] Armel host (x86 emul.) img disk not writable

From: Father Mande
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Armel host (x86 emul.) img disk not writable
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 08:52:14 +0200

It's my first message so :
Me : I work from a while with Vmware and Virtualbox
I have integrated Virtualbox in the x86 QNAP NAS system

Armel Platform : QNAP NAS TS-219 with a Marvell (Arm) SOC 1,8 Ghz
Test run QEMU x86 emulation inside (VM like freedos or Windows)

Context : only Modules are possible no kernel change ...
... test are done in a chroot env. Debian Squeeze for Armel, so add X11 client to NAS and use X-Ming or Debian box as X Server

Test working :
install qemu thru apt-get
Start emu from fd (freedos) cdrom (live_cd linux , Win98 installation CD) ... all run open the windows, menu and keyboard works, I have add, also in fd program to manage the hlt ... so all seems to run. tested also qemu-launcher ... works.
Problem :
Each time I create a disk image to add or install on disk ... the install (Windows or Freedos) failed because he don't see the disk or can't read or write on ????
I have tested qemu-img with raw, qcow, qcow2 without success ...
img file are full rw for all, qemu run under root, but it's same under a "normal" user.
Due to the lack of IDE in the Qnap ... I have try also compile modules for ide-core and load it (insmod) but no change ...

any advice ? Certainly I forgot somethings .... ?

thanks for help.

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