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[Qemu-devel] DMA Pointer for SSD Simulation

From: jims
Subject: [Qemu-devel] DMA Pointer for SSD Simulation
Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 08:18:10 -0400
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I am working on an SSD simulation to plug into the MARSSx86 simulation
environment (http://marss86.org/~marss86/index.php/Home). MARSSx86 uses
QEMU as an emulation for an x86_64 system and PTLSim for timing the
pipeline. My lab has further extended this system to use our DRAMSim2
simulator to simulate the main memory

I have integrated our SSD simulator into marss. The SSD simulator models
the host interface and the SSD internals. This works by delaying the IRQ
for the IDE (in qemu/hw/ide/core.c:ide_dma_cb()) based on the operation of
the SSD model. I now want to capture the timing of the DMA for the SSD as
it would happen in a real system. To do this, I'd like to send read
transactions to DRAMSim2 before a write operation to the SSD and write
transactions to DRAMSim2 after a read operation to the SSD. The reason I'm
emailing is that I've made a few assumptions about how the IDE code in
QEMU works and I'd like to confirm that I'm doing things correctly.

One problem I'm having is that I cannot figure out what the actual pointer
is for the DMA operation in the guest physical memory. I have printed out
the s->sg.sg->base and  s->sg.sg->len in ide_dma_cb(), but it seems to be
garbage a lot of the time. I'm getting base=0 or base as something very
large and out of my memory bounds (e.g. 139880767148024). Sometimes it
does seem to be a valid location in memory though. Why is this sometimes
seemingly invalid? Or am I using the wrong variable to the DMA pointer
into the guest physical memory?

Also, the s->sg.sg->len is often not matching the io_buffer_size. I'm not
100% sure if it should, but since I'm using io_buffer_size to determine
the number of transactions to send to DRAMSim2 per IRQ (with
io_buffer_size / 64) and the number of sectors to write to the disk per
IRQ, I'd like to know if I'm doing things correctly or not.

Lastly, I'm using the sector_num (multiplied by 512 to get a byte address)
in ide_dma_cb() as the base address to the SSD. Is this correct?

If you'd like to review the code, it is available on Github
(https://github.com/jimstevens2001/marss.dramsim/tree/ssdsim). The disk
access/DMA information is extracted from qemu/hw/ide/core.c and the
interaction with our SSD model is implemented in ptlsim/sim/ptlsim.cpp.


Jim Stevens
University of Maryland, College Park

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