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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 4/4] ISCSI: If the device we open is a SMC devic

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 4/4] ISCSI: If the device we open is a SMC device, then force the use of sg. We dont have any medium changer emulation so only passthrough via real sg or scsi-generic via iscsi would work anyway.
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 14:05:38 +0200
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Il 28/05/2012 13:55, ronnie sahlberg ha scritto:
> Paolo
> I think I have seen a problem inside libiscsi that could be triggered
> by the shortcut.
> Can you remove this shortcut completely :
> -    /* Try to write as much as we can to the socket
> -     * without setting up an event.
> -     * Only do this if we are completely logged in, so we know that
> -     * the socket is in connected state.
> -     */
> -    if (iscsi_is_logged_in(iscsi)) {
> -        if (iscsi_which_events(iscsi) & POLLOUT) {
> -            iscsi_process_write(iscsilun);
> -        }
> -    }
> I think there is a problem inside libiscsi if the socket becomes full
> and is no longer writeable and we try to write via this shortcurcuit.
> It will take a while until I can verify or fix that issue and before a
> new version of libiscsi can be available
> so I would feel most comfortable with if we just remove this
> optimization from QEMU for now.
> It can be added back later once libiscsi is fixed.

Done.  Rebased scsi-next, new commit is


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