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Re: [Qemu-devel] [qemu-devel][RFC] Enable usb with default options

From: li zhang
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [qemu-devel][RFC] Enable usb with default options
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 12:53:21 +0800

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Anthony Liguori <address@hidden> wrote:
On 06/07/2012 12:39 PM, li zhang wrote:
On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 9:15 AM, Anthony Liguori<address@hidden>  wrote:

Hi Anthony,

I think we can add usb to machine option, and set usb on as default in
qemu, right?
Does it conflict with "-device pci-ohci" ?

libvirt would want to pass '-machine type=pseries,usb=off' instead of passing '-M pseries'.

It could then use '-device pci-ohci'

Got it. 

Anthony Liguori

Libvirt will parse a xmlfile to qemu commands with -nodefault

For example:
/home/zhlbj/development/qemu-impreza/ppc64-softmmu/qemu-system-ppc64 -M
pseries -enable-kvm -m 1024 -mem-prealloc -mem-path
/dev/hugepages/libvirt/qemu -smp 2,sockets=2,cores=1,threads=1 -name $1
-nodefconfig -nodefaults -chardev
-mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=readline -rtc base=utc -device
spapr-vscsi,id=scsi0 -drive
-chardev pty,id=charserial0 -device spapr-vty,chardev=charserial0 -device
pci-ohci,id=usb,bus=pci,addr=0x1.0x2 -vnc -vga std -device

I think we still need to use "-device " option to add usb controller for
configuring specific usb model.

libvirt can still happily name the usb controller whatever it wants.  But
the end result is a less magical command line.


Anthony Liguori

The problem is that for things created "by default", libvirt then makes
horrible assumptions about the default 'names' and bus names as well,
which is why it's generally somewhat saner to let it create the machine
from scratch (well, sorry for putting "sane" and "libvirt" in the same
sentence but you get my idea I think :-)

 -vga should only affect vga (a shortcut for -device


(Note: This is in reference to our current internal patch which
automagically adds OHCI and USB kbd + mouse when you do -vga, that's not
something that should survive upstream).

 -usb should be essentially useless by default unless -nodefault is
passed in which case it is necessary to enable usb support, and -device
(or equivalent) to manually add the keyboard and mouse (libvirt).

If you want pseries to always have usb, just make it there by default
and yeah,
-usb would be useless.  If you want the option to not have usb,
introduce a
machine option I guess.

Ah, I'm not familiar with "machine options" ... or do you mean another
machine type ? ie -M pseries_nousb ? :-)

The problem with things like USB by default is that libvirt will fuckup
(at least that's my understanding from what Li says) bcs it's going to
try to create a separate USB bus and can't seem to figure out how to
reference the existing one, etc...  In fact it even tries to re-use the
PCI bus/dev where the original OHCI is created an that clashes.

Yes, this problem is that: when the usb_enable is set as 1, it will create
one pci-ohci controller.
When the command is using "-device pci-ohci", it will create another
pci-ohci controller.
And one error occurs. I traced the code, it shows that there two places to
pci_create_multifunction(bus, devfn, bool,  "pci-ohci").

One place is in the spapr.c, it means that when vga is enabled, usb_enable
is set 1.
it will create one pci-ohci controller.
Another place is in the vl.c,
if (qemu_opts_foreach(qemu_find_opts("device"), device_help_func, NULL, 0)
!= 0)
It will create another pci-ohci controller according to "-device pci-ohci"
It seems that usb_enable variable setting and "-device pci-ohci" option
It can't detect the existing pci-ohci controller.

 I think it's over thinking it though.  There's little harm in having a
controller present all the time.

That makes more sense I agree, I'm just annoyed by the whole libvirt
business which seems to have some pretty hard assumptions that with
-nodefault you don't get anything by default, and I think it makes some
sense to keep that option around.



Anthony Liguori

That's the best I can think of ... however it might be a bit tricky
seeing how qemu does things in vl.c at the moment, we might want to
introduce a default_usb variable which is used to set usb_enabled.

BTW. The mac models should essentially behave the same, at least the
64-bit one (32-bit supports CUDA for keyboard/mouse so USB isn't
strictly necessary).



On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 5:48 PM, li zhang<address@hidden>    wrote:
         Hi all,

         For pseries, when creating VMs with "-vga std",
         it requires usb mouse and usb kbd devices to be added.

         But with default options, vga is enabled and usb is disabled.
         User may use default options as the following commands:

         $qemu -M pseries

         If vga is enabled, usb mouse and usb kbd is disabled,
         the mouse and kbd can't be used. So it's very hard for
         users to use.

         I think it's necessary to enable usb with default options.

         Any idea about that?
         Your comments  are very appreciated. :)



Best Regards


Best Regards

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