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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 18/39] qemu-iotests: fill streaming test image with

From: Kevin Wolf
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 18/39] qemu-iotests: fill streaming test image with data
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 15:33:18 +0200

From: Paolo Bonzini <address@hidden>

The TestStreamStop test case is racy; if the job completes before we can
cancel it, it fails.  If we remove the sleep the job will be canceled
before it has even started, and the test succeeds but it is also not
testing anything interesting.

But if the image is left sparse, then the job has really nothing to do.
For qcow2 it will read one L2-table, for raw it will issue a bunch of
ioctls.  This also falls under "not testing anything interesting", and
this may be happening right now (depending on the filesystem) since the
file protocol got an is_allocated method.

Filling the test image with data ensures that the test covers the
intended case.  It also slows down the test, which will be particularly
important after the next patch.

Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <address@hidden>
Signed-off-by: Kevin Wolf <address@hidden>
 tests/qemu-iotests/030 |   13 ++++++++++++-
 1 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tests/qemu-iotests/030 b/tests/qemu-iotests/030
index eb7bf99..4ab7d62 100755
--- a/tests/qemu-iotests/030
+++ b/tests/qemu-iotests/030
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
 import os
 import iotests
 from iotests import qemu_img, qemu_io
+import struct
 backing_img = os.path.join(iotests.test_dir, 'backing.img')
 mid_img = os.path.join(iotests.test_dir, 'mid.img')
@@ -48,11 +49,21 @@ class ImageStreamingTestCase(iotests.QMPTestCase):
+    def create_image(self, name, size):
+        file = open(name, 'w')
+        i = 0
+        while i < size:
+            sector = struct.pack('>l504xl', i / 512, i / 512)
+            file.write(sector)
+            i = i + 512
+        file.close()
 class TestSingleDrive(ImageStreamingTestCase):
     image_len = 1 * 1024 * 1024 # MB
     def setUp(self):
-        qemu_img('create', backing_img, str(TestSingleDrive.image_len))
+        self.create_image(backing_img, TestSingleDrive.image_len)
         qemu_img('create', '-f', iotests.imgfmt, '-o', 'backing_file=%s' % 
backing_img, mid_img)
         qemu_img('create', '-f', iotests.imgfmt, '-o', 'backing_file=%s' % 
mid_img, test_img)
         self.vm = iotests.VM().add_drive(test_img)

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