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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] make: automatically include dependencies in rec

From: Anthony Liguori
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] make: automatically include dependencies in recursive subdir rules
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 13:46:55 -0500
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On 06/17/2012 12:00 PM, Andreas Färber wrote:
Am 17.06.2012 18:23, schrieb Andreas Färber:
I've tested with just
+$(eval -include $(wildcard $1/*.d))
and did
$ touch include/qemu/object.h

 From what I see, using Anthony's original patch plus the modification
above (not the other ones), {i386,x86_64}-softmmu/hw/kvm/apic.o is still
not getting rebuilt despite its included hw/apic_internal.h depending on
sysbus.h ->  qdev.h ->  qemu/object.h.

They're being added via obj-$(CONFIG_KVM) += kvm/filename.o, not via the
recursive directory rule, so are not caught by Anthony's rule.

Maybe fix by some explicit Makefile-specific rule such as this?

diff --git a/hw/i386/Makefile.objs b/hw/i386/Makefile.objs
index d43f1df..1e8423a 100644
--- a/hw/i386/Makefile.objs
+++ b/hw/i386/Makefile.objs
@@ -11,3 +11,5 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_KVM) += kvm/clock.o kvm/apic.o
kvm/i8259.o kvm/ioapic.o kvm/i8254.o
  obj-$(CONFIG_SPICE) += qxl.o qxl-logger.o qxl-render.o

  obj-y := $(addprefix ../,$(obj-y))
+-include $(wildcard ../kvm/*.d)

If using hw/kvm/*.d instead, it actually works. ;)

We can also just add a hw/kvm/Makefile.objs and then add kvm/ to the subdir rules. Seems to fix the problem you identified.

Just doing a full build for v2.  Will send out when it completes.


Anthony Liguori


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