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[Qemu-devel] Ask for help with estimate of disassembly speed

From: Евгений Олегович
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Ask for help with estimate of disassembly speed
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 19:30:19 +0400

Hello, Dear Qemu developer!

My name is Eugene. I am a student of Mathematics and Mechanics St. Petersburg State University Faculty. 

Why i am writing to You:

We (
our students group) need to design and develop Disassembler, that can parse (recognize) one machine instruction in a minimum available clock (tact cycle) time. Or such Disassembler, that can parse ALL instruction with max speed in average. In this case, Average means ratio of all instruction to all execution time.


We have developed rough disassembler based on Intel encoding table (from information in documentation volume "Instruction optimization"). And now we need to compare speed of our disassembler with others (with Yours too). And the second task is to simplify our model of disassembly (We consider 3 models of building Diassembler - Finite State Machine, Jump from a Table and Block-Diagram, witch we realize with conditional crossing).
So, in our Disassembler, that we call Speedy ( Block-Diagram was used) - we can simply set time counter at the begin and at the end of parsing instruction. But we can't repeat this thing with Yours Disassembler. It follows us ask You for help us.

What are we ask:

We will be very glad and grateful, if You can send to us pure DisAsm code (DLL with parse function or another files), which speed we can measure. If You have another materials(maybe any speed grafics, or a tests set that can help us) or thinking of this theme  - it would be very good. 

What is the speed of parsing one (or more) instruction in Yours Disassembler?
Have you made any verification tests? (Now we are developint it)
What is the metric, that You estimate the speed of Disassembler?


Thanks for reading and sorry for my mistakes,

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