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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH V11 11/17] qmp: add ImageInfo in BlockDeviceInfo

From: Wenchao Xia
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH V11 11/17] qmp: add ImageInfo in BlockDeviceInfo used by query-block
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 11:25:34 +0800
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于 2013-4-11 17:31, Markus Armbruster 写道:
Wenchao Xia <address@hidden> writes:

于 2013-4-11 2:57, Luiz Capitulino 写道:
On Wed, 10 Apr 2013 18:17:04 +0200
Markus Armbruster <address@hidden> wrote:

Stefan Hajnoczi <address@hidden> writes:

On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 07:47:24PM +0800, Wenchao Xia wrote:
diff --git a/qmp-commands.hx b/qmp-commands.hx
index 6b20684..b856be7 100644
--- a/qmp-commands.hx
+++ b/qmp-commands.hx
@@ -1703,6 +1703,47 @@ Each json-object contain the following:
            - "iops": limit total I/O operations per second (json-int)
            - "iops_rd": limit read operations per second (json-int)
            - "iops_wr": limit write operations per second (json-int)
+ - "image": the detail of the image, it is a json-object
+            the following:
+             - "filename": image file name (json-string)
+             - "format": image format (json-string)
+             - "virtual-size": image capacity in bytes (json-int)
+ - "dirty-flag": true if image is not cleanly closed, not
+                             means clean (json-bool, optional)
+ - "actual-size": actual size on disk in bytes of the image, not
+                              present when image does not support thin
+                              provision (json-int, optional)
+ - "cluster-size": size of a cluster in bytes, not present if image
+ format does not support it (json-int, optional)
+ - "encrypted": true if the image is encrypted, not present
+                            false or the image format does not support
+                            encryption (json-bool, optional)
+ - "backing_file": backing file name, not present means no backing
+                               file is used or the image format does not
+                               support backing file chain
+                               (json-string, optional)
+             - "full-backing-filename": full path of the backing file, not
+ present if it equals backing_file or no
+                                        backing file is used
+                                        (json-string, optional)
+ - "backing-filename-format": the format of the backing file,
+ present means unknown or no backing
+                                          file (json-string, optional)
+ - "snapshots": the internal snapshot info, it is an optional list
+                of json-object containing the following:
+                 - "id": unique snapshot id (json-string)
+                 - "name": snapshot name (json-string)
+ - "vm-state-size": size of the VM state in bytes (json-int)
+ - "date-sec": UTC date of the snapshot in seconds (json-int)
+ - "date-nsec": fractional part in nanoseconds to be used with
+                                date-sec(json-int)
+                 - "vm-clock-sec": VM clock relative to boot in seconds
+                                   (json-int)
+ - "vm-clock-nsec": fractional part in nanoseconds to be used
+                                    with vm-clock-sec (json-int)
+             - "backing-image": the detail of the backing image, it is an
+                                optional json-object only present when a
+                                backing image present for this image

Please don't duplicate the ImageInfo documentation from

No, this is actually how it still needs to be done.

qmp-commands.hx predates qapi-schema.json.  We still generate
QMP/qmp-commands.txt from qmp-commands.hx, not from qapi-schema.json.

Unfortunately, yes. However, as there are just a few commands missing
to be converted to the qapi, we could start generating the docs from
qapi-schema.json and avoid the duplication.

There's a problem though. qapi-schema.json is not tied to the QMP protocol
as qmp-commands.hx is, so I'm not sure it's a good place for the examples,
   I agree that example should not get mixed with qapi-schema.json, which
faces developer instead of user. Personally I think a standalone example
file is better(only call in and out, no text for the structure defines).

How do we ensure the examples stay up-to-date?

Crazy idea: generate them as part of "make check".


  Generate example from qapi-schema.json is cool, maybe do it
in "make".

Best Regards

Wenchao Xia

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