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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/2] Add i.MX I2C device emulator.

From: Jean-Christophe DUBOIS
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/2] Add i.MX I2C device emulator.
Date: Fri, 03 May 2013 18:04:48 +0200
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On 05/03/2013 05:20 PM, Andreas Färber wrote:
Am 03.05.2013 17:16, schrieb Jean-Christophe DUBOIS:

On 05/02/2013 02:38 PM, Andreas Färber wrote:

Am 01.05.2013 21:53, schrieb Jean-Christophe DUBOIS:
Signed-off-by: Jean-Christophe DUBOIS <address@hidden>
   default-configs/arm-softmmu.mak |   2 +
   hw/i2c/Makefile.objs            |   1 +
   hw/i2c/imx_i2c.c                | 374
   3 files changed, 377 insertions(+)
   create mode 100644 hw/i2c/imx_i2c.c
Please thread your messages together so they can be reviewed in context.

Since you're adding a new I2C device and we have a qtest framework for
I2C, please supply an implementation for this device (which will require
some constant sharing via header file) and some simple test case for the
board you're using it on, to assure it keeps working.
What is the "target" for building qtest?

And then how to run it?
make check

Thanks Andreas,

So I added a libi2c-imx.c file, a ds1338-test.c file ...

but when I run "make check" I get the following.

What am I missing?


$ make check
GTESTER tests/check-qdict
GTESTER tests/check-qfloat
GTESTER tests/check-qint
GTESTER tests/check-qstring
GTESTER tests/check-qlist
GTESTER tests/check-qjson
GTESTER tests/test-qmp-output-visitor
GTESTER tests/test-qmp-input-visitor
GTESTER tests/test-qmp-input-strict
GTESTER tests/test-qmp-commands
GTESTER tests/test-string-input-visitor
GTESTER tests/test-string-output-visitor
GTESTER tests/test-coroutine
GTESTER tests/test-visitor-serialization
GTESTER tests/test-iov
GTESTER tests/test-aio
GTESTER tests/test-thread-pool
GTESTER tests/test-hbitmap
GTESTER tests/test-x86-cpuid
GTESTER tests/test-xbzrle
GTESTER tests/test-cutils
GTESTER tests/test-mul64
  CC    tests/libi2c-imx.o
  LINK  tests/tmp105-test
  CC    tests/ds1338-test.o
  LINK  tests/ds1338-test
GTESTER check-qtest-arm
Kernel image must be specified
Broken pipe
make: *** [check-qtest-arm] Error 1


Could you point me to some documentation please? It doesn't build out of
the box for me.


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