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[Qemu-devel] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 1.5.0-rc2 is now a vailable

From: Anthony Liguori
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 1.5.0-rc2 is now a vailable
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 18:53:47 -0500


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
third release candidate for the QEMU 1.5 release.  This release is meant
for testing purposes and should not be used in a production environment.


You can help improve the quality of the QEMU 1.5 release by testing this
release and reporting bugs on Launchpad:


The release plan for the 1.5 release is available at:


Please add entries to the ChangeLog for the 1.5 release below:


The following changes have been made since v1.5.0-rc1:

 - qemu-common: Resolve vector build breakes for AltiVec (Paolo Bonzini)
 - ide-test: Fix endianness problems (Kevin Wolf)
 - hw/pci-host/versatile.c: Provide property for forcing broken IRQ mapping 
(Peter Maydell)
 - hw/pci-host/versatile.c: Update autodetect to detect newer kernels (Peter 
 - Revert "versatile_pci: Put the host bridge PCI device at slot 29" (Peter 
 - w32: Fix configure test for -march=i486 (Stefan Weil)
 - configure: Detect uuid on MacOSX (fixes compile failure) (Peter Maydell)
 - vnc: Make ledstate comparison before modifiers updated (Lei Li)
 - virtio-net-x: forward the netclient name and type. (KONRAD Frederic)
 - virtio-net: add virtio_net_set_netclient_name. (KONRAD Frederic)
 - qapi: fix leak in unit tests (Michael Roth)
 - qmp: fix handling of cmd with Equals in qmp-shell (Zhangleiqiang)
 - block: Add hint to -EFBIG error message (Kevin Wolf)
 - qcow2: Catch some L1 table index overflows (Kevin Wolf)
 - osdep: introduce qemu_anon_ram_free to free qemu_anon_ram_alloc-ed memory 
(Paolo Bonzini)
 - osdep, kvm: rename low-level RAM allocation functions (Paolo Bonzini)
 - readline: Handle xterm escape sequences for Home/End keys (Kevin Wolf)
 - portability: pty.h is glibc-specific (Paolo Bonzini)
 - spitz: fix compilation failure due to pty.h namespace pollution (Paolo 
 - acpi: add dummy write function for acpi timer (Gerd Hoffmann)
 - qom: aggressively optimize qom casting (Anthony Liguori)
 - ui/gtk.c: do not use gdk_display_warp_pointer when GTK ver >3.0 (Igor 
 - Revert "pc: Kill the "use flash device for BIOS unless KVM" misfeature" 
(Paolo Bonzini)
 - qom: allow turning cast debugging off (Paolo Bonzini)
 - qom: trace asserting casts (Paolo Bonzini)
 - qom: pass file/line/function to asserting casts (Paolo Bonzini)
 - qom: add a fast path to object_class_dynamic_cast (Paolo Bonzini)
 - qom: allow casting of a NULL class (Paolo Bonzini)
 - qom: improve documentation of cast functions (Paolo Bonzini)
 - osdep.h: include sys/types.h for ssize_t definition (Igor Mitsyanko)
 - remove double semicolons (Dong Xu Wang)
 - clean unnecessary code: don't check g_strdup arg for NULL (Dong Xu Wang)
 - docs: mention AddressSpaces in docs/memory.txt (Paolo Bonzini)
 - audio: update documentation after removing --audio-card-list option (Hervé 
 - m25p80.c: Sync Flash chip list with Linux (Ed Maste)
 - bsd-user: OS-agnostic 64-bit SYSCTL types (Ed Maste)
 - target-i386: ROR r8/r16 imm instruction fix (Aurelien Jarno)
 - tcg/optimize: fix setcond2 optimization (Aurelien Jarno)
 - qxl: Call spice_qxl_driver_unload from qxl_enter_vga_mode (Hans de Goede)


Anthony Liguori

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