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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 1182344] Re: ARM: invalid code execution after subs in

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 1182344] Re: ARM: invalid code execution after subs instruction
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 08:21:51 -0000

Can you attach or provide a link to your app.exe test case? Otherwise
this is going to be harder to track down and test. Thanks!

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  ARM: invalid code execution after subs instruction

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  I use Qemu (Git 1239b472bb0dba8060f1af29d40dafbc1b2860d4) to test a
  SMP application on ARM.  I use the following command line:

  qemu-system-arm -S -s -net none -nographic -M realview-pbx-a9 -kernel
  app.exe -m 256M -no-reboot -smp 2 -icount 8

  The application crashes because Qemu executes the B.N instruction
  wrong after a SUBS (return from interrupt):

     0x00010428 <thread_dispatch_done+12>:      vldmia  r1!, {d16-d31}
     0x0001042c <thread_dispatch_done+16>:      ldr     r0, [r1]
     0x00010430 <thread_dispatch_done+20>:      add     sp, sp, #200    ; 0xc8
     0x00010434 <thread_dispatch_done+24>:      vmsr    fpscr, r0
     0x00010438 <thread_dispatch_done+28>:      ldmfd   sp!, {lr}
     0x0001043c <thread_dispatch_done+32>:      mov     r0, sp
     0x00010440 <thread_dispatch_done+36>:      add     sp, sp, #28
     0x00010444 <thread_dispatch_done+40>:      mrs     r1, CPSR
     0x00010448 <thread_dispatch_done+44>:      bic     r1, r1, #1
     0x0001044c <thread_dispatch_done+48>:      msr     CPSR_fc, r1
     0x00010450 <thread_dispatch_done+52>:      push    {r4, r5}
     0x00010454 <thread_dispatch_done+56>:      ldm     r0, {r0, r1, r2, r3, 
r4, r5, r12}
     0x00010458 <thread_dispatch_done+60>:      mov     lr, r4
     0x0001045c <thread_dispatch_done+64>:      msr     SPSR_fc, r5
     0x00010460 <thread_dispatch_done+68>:      pop     {r4, r5}
     0x00010464 <thread_dispatch_done+72>:      subs    pc, lr, #4
     0x00000690 <_Thread_Idle_body+8>:  b.n     0x690 <_Thread_Idle_body+8>
     0x00000692:        nop
     0x00000694 <__getreent+0>: push    {r7, lr}
     0x00000696 <__getreent+2>: add     r7, sp, #0
     0x00000698 <__getreent+4>: bl      0x1cf0 <bsp_smp_processor_id>
     0x00001cf0 <bsp_smp_processor_id+0>:       push    {r7, lr}

  This instruction trace was generated with the attached patch.


     0x00000690 <_Thread_Idle_body+8>:    b.n     0x690

  should jump to itself.  Instead the next instruction is executed:

     0x00000692:  nop

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