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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/20] target-i386: clean up and fix x86_cpu_handle_

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/20] target-i386: clean up and fix x86_cpu_handle_mmu_fault
Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 15:22:58 +0200

x86_cpu_handle_mmu_fault has grown by accretion and has a few bugs:

- partially incorrect handling of SMAP with CPL = 3

- incorrect filling of TLB entries with SMEP

- incorrect handling of reserved bits

- PSE36 support is advertised but not implemented

- 1 GB pages are trivial to implement, but missing

This series, based on the cpu_ldst.h cleanup, fixes all of this.
With these changes the exhaustive (and exhausting) x86/access.flat from
kvm-unit-tests passes with TCG.


Paolo Bonzini (20):
  target-i386: rename KSMAP to KNOSMAP
  target-i386: move check_io helpers to seg_helper.c
  target-i386: fix kernel accesses with SMAP and CPL = 3
  target-i386: simplify SMAP handling in MMU_KSMAP_IDX
  target-i386: fix coding standards in x86_cpu_handle_mmu_fault
  target-i386: commonize checks for 2MB and 4KB pages
  target-i386: commonize checks for 4MB and 4KB pages
  target-i386: commonize checks for PAE and non-PAE
  target-i386: tweak handling of PG_NX_MASK
  target-i386: introduce do_check_protect label
  target-i386: introduce support for 1 GB pages
  target-i386: set correct error code for reserved bit access
  target-i386: test reserved PS bit on PML4Es
  target-i386: raise page fault for reserved physical address bits
  target-i386: simplify pte/vaddr calculation
  target-i386: unify reserved bits and NX bit check
  target-i386: raise page fault for reserved bits in large pages
  target-i386: support long addresses for 4MB pages (PSE-36)
  target-i386: fix protection bits in the TLB for SMEP
  target-i386: cleanup x86_cpu_get_phys_page_debug

 target-i386/cpu.c         |   7 +-
 target-i386/cpu.h         |  33 +++-
 target-i386/helper.c      | 396 +++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 target-i386/misc_helper.c |  42 -----
 target-i386/seg_helper.c  |  60 +++++++
 5 files changed, 236 insertions(+), 302 deletions(-)


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