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[Qemu-devel] Expansion Ratio Issue

From: Chaos Shu
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Expansion Ratio Issue
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 15:58:17 +0800

Hi all


I’m new to the list, and recently I’m digging in Qemu’s source code, I’ve got something confused me much, simply list the items:


1.       Any benchmarks paying attention to TCG code generate quality measured by code expansion ratio? Of course I’ve got some news said that the ratio maybe 4 or 5 in X86 to MIPS, that is to say 1 x86 insn to 4 or 5 mips insns, Does it mean the industry level or average level? Any official report given?

2.       I’ve noticed that once Apple merge from PowerPC to X86, they developed the software named Rosetta which is described by apple to be successful, is it the same to Qemu? Any internal infos covered?

3.       Assume that we just wanna x86 to arm, so may we can strip out the little operations and work on insn to insn such as move in x86 to move in arm, insn level translate but not insn-op-insn, I think there must be someone have ever made this try, anyone got their news?

4.       Why Qemu use only one TCG runtime, I found a project named PQEMU once try to make TCG running on multicore but it’s out of date and got some commercial issues, is there any project trying to make it go?


Case I’m really new to Qemu, maybe many results or achievements I don’t know, If anyone can provide some tips about things mentioned above, I’ll appreciate much.




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