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Re: [Qemu-devel] [Qemu-discuss] error - Guest has not initialized the di

From: Programmingkid
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [Qemu-discuss] error - Guest has not initialized the display yet.
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 10:50:44 -0400

On Mar 26, 2015, at 4:31 PM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:

> On 25/03/15 23:52, Programmingkid wrote:
> (Added Peter C as CC)
>> On Mar 25, 2015, at 6:20 PM, address@hidden
>> <mailto:address@hidden> wrote:
>>>> QEMU window opens up, but I am getting this error "Guest has not
>>>> initialized
>>>> the display yet"
>>>> I had enabled -sdl option while configuring qemu, but I am still getting
>>>> that error.
>>> This isn't an error. It is just QEMU telling you that the guest OS
>>> has not yet done what it needs to do to turn on the emulated graphics
>>> card and display output.
>> I'm seeing this error also. When I try to boot Mac OS 10.2 in
>> qemu-system-ppc, I just see a black window. When I switch from the
>> monitor to the vga window, then I see "Guest has not initialized the
>> display (yet)". It doesn't go away. OpenBIOS can't even be accessed
>> anymore. I think I started seeing this problem around the 18th of March.
>> I'm using Mac OS 10.6 as my host. 
> I've just done some testing here and I see exactly the same issue -
> something is preventing OpenBIOS from executing. A quick session with
> git bisect points to the following:
> c3c1bb99d1c11978d9ce94d1bdcf0705378c1459 is the first bad commit
> commit c3c1bb99d1c11978d9ce94d1bdcf0705378c1459
> Author: Peter Crosthwaite <address@hidden>
> Date:   Mon Mar 16 22:35:54 2015 -0700
>    exec: Respect as_tranlsate_internal length clamp
>    address_space_translate_internal will clamp the *plen length argument
>    based on the size of the memory region being queried. The iommu walker
>    logic in addresss_space_translate was ignoring this by discarding the
>    post fn call value of *plen. Fix by just always using *plen as the
>    length argument throughout the fn, removing the len local variable.
>    This fixes a bootloader bug when a single elf section spans multiple
>    QEMU memory regions.
>    Signed-off-by: Peter Crosthwaite <address@hidden>
>    Message-Id:
> <address@hidden>
>    Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <address@hidden>
> Reproduction is easy with the command line given below:
>  ./qemu-system-ppc -prom-env 'auto-boot?=false'
> ATB,
> Mark.

I reversed this patch on my local repo and that fixed the display issue for me. 
Given the fact it causes much worse problems than it said it solves, maybe this 
patch should be reversed. 

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