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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v3] Add param Error ** for msi_init()

From: Cao jin
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v3] Add param Error ** for msi_init()
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 12:10:21 +0800
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Hi Marcel,
   Thanks for your quick review for this big fat patch:)
   please see my comments inline.

On 03/30/2016 04:56 AM, Marcel Apfelbaum wrote:
On 03/28/2016 01:44 PM, Cao jin wrote:

-#define VMXNET3_USE_64BIT         (true)
-#define VMXNET3_PER_VECTOR_MASK   (false)
-static bool
-vmxnet3_init_msi(VMXNET3State *s)
-    PCIDevice *d = PCI_DEVICE(s);
-    int res;
-    res = msi_init(d, VMXNET3_MSI_OFFSET(s), VMXNET3_MAX_NMSIX_INTRS,
-                   VMXNET3_USE_64BIT, VMXNET3_PER_VECTOR_MASK);
-    if (0 > res) {
-        VMW_WRPRN("Failed to initialize MSI, error %d", res);
-        s->msi_used = false;
-    } else {
-        s->msi_used = true;
-    }
-    return s->msi_used;
  static void
  vmxnet3_cleanup_msi(VMXNET3State *s)
@@ -2271,6 +2250,10 @@ static uint8_t
*vmxnet3_device_serial_num(VMXNET3State *s)
      return dsnp;

+#define VMXNET3_USE_64BIT         (true)
+#define VMXNET3_PER_VECTOR_MASK   (false)
  static void vmxnet3_pci_realize(PCIDevice *pci_dev, Error **errp)
      DeviceState *dev = DEVICE(pci_dev);
@@ -2278,6 +2261,16 @@ static void vmxnet3_pci_realize(PCIDevice
*pci_dev, Error **errp)

      VMW_CBPRN("Starting init...");

+    msi_init(pci_dev, VMXNET3_MSI_OFFSET(s), VMXNET3_MAX_NMSIX_INTRS,
+             VMXNET3_USE_64BIT, VMXNET3_PER_VECTOR_MASK, errp);
+    if (*errp) {
+        error_report_err(*errp);
+        *errp = NULL;

You suppress prev debug message: VMW_WRPRN("Failed to initialize MSI,
error %d", res),
but you replace with one of yourself. If the vmxnet maintainers have
nothing against,
I suppose is OK.

Then, you don't propagate the error because you don't want realize
to fail, so you report it and NULL it. I suppose we should have
a "warning only" error type so the reporting party can decide to issue a
or to fail, but is out of the scope of this patch, of course.

Yes, I should add more hint message. I don`t quite understand about:

/have a "warning only" error type so the reporting party can decide to issue a warning or to fail/

Do you mean still using VMW_WRPRN or using error_append_hint? It seems VMW_WRPRN should only work in debug time? and if user should see this error message, should use error_report_err ?

-    if (!vmxnet3_init_msi(s)) {
-        VMW_WRPRN("Failed to initialize MSI, configuration is

Here again you remove an existent debug warning, maybe you should keep it.

-    }

diff --git a/hw/pci-bridge/pci_bridge_dev.c
index 862a236..07c7bf8 100644
--- a/hw/pci-bridge/pci_bridge_dev.c
+++ b/hw/pci-bridge/pci_bridge_dev.c
@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ static int pci_bridge_dev_initfn(PCIDevice *dev)
      PCIBridge *br = PCI_BRIDGE(dev);
      PCIBridgeDev *bridge_dev = PCI_BRIDGE_DEV(dev);
      int err;
+    Error *local_err = NULL;

You use both local_err and err for local error names. It doesn't really
the name, but please be consistent. I personally like local_error but is
up to you, of course.

Yes, I prefer consistent way, but here, you see there is a "int err", so I thought two different variants using same name maybe not so good for reading code? what would you choose?(I like local_err at first because it is easy to understand for newbie, but when I get familiar with error handling, I turn to like err, just because it is shorter:p)

      pci_bridge_initfn(dev, TYPE_PCI_BUS);

@@ -67,17 +68,21 @@ static int pci_bridge_dev_initfn(PCIDevice *dev)
          /* MSI is not applicable without SHPC */
          bridge_dev->flags &= ~(1 << PCI_BRIDGE_DEV_F_MSI_REQ);
      err = slotid_cap_init(dev, 0, bridge_dev->chassis_nr, 0);
      if (err) {
          goto slotid_error;

You have several new lines (before and after this comment) that have
to do with the patch. I suggest putting them into a trivial separate patch.

see what I was told before:

Actually I am ok with both sides. I just stop sending coding style patch since then:)

I don`t know, coding style & indentation patch really matters or is just a personal taste thing?

+++ b/hw/scsi/mptsas.c
@@ -1274,10 +1274,22 @@ static void mptsas_scsi_init(PCIDevice *dev,
Error **errp)
      DeviceState *d = DEVICE(dev);
      MPTSASState *s = MPT_SAS(dev);
+    Error *err = NULL;

      dev->config[PCI_LATENCY_TIMER] = 0;
      dev->config[PCI_INTERRUPT_PIN] = 0x01;

+    if (s->msi_available) {
+        if (msi_init(dev, 0, 1, true, false, &err) >= 0) {
+            s->msi_in_use = true;
+        }
+        else {
+            error_append_hint(&err, "MSI init fail, will use INTx

The hint should end with a new line: "\n".

+            error_report_err(err);

You should not report the error if the fucntion has an **errp parameter.

it will use INTx even if msi_init fail, so it should not break realize. But I think user should know it if something wrong happened thereļ¼Œso I use a local *err* to report error message, while don`t touch **errp. Is there any better way?

For all the other comments, will fix them in next version.
Yours Sincerely,

Cao jin

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