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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] acpi: Fix TPM ACPI description to make TPM usab

From: Stefan Berger
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] acpi: Fix TPM ACPI description to make TPM usable on Windows
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 14:50:43 -0400
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On 03/31/2016 10:07 AM, Igor Mammedov wrote:
On Thu, 31 Mar 2016 00:03:57 -0400
Stefan Berger <address@hidden> wrote:

On 03/30/2016 09:33 AM, Igor Mammedov wrote:
On Mon, 21 Mar 2016 10:21:11 -0400
Stefan Berger <address@hidden> wrote:

This patch addresses BZ 1281413.

Fix the APCI description to make it work on Windows again. The ACPI
description was broken in commit 9e47226.
above commit just added missing ASL description for TMP device
and you also posted exactly similar patch back then.
Sorry, I referenced the wrong commit. Here's the bad one:

commit 72d97b3a543a9c2c820bd463ba24751ae4247ac3

Current commit message is pretty useless, Pls describe in commit
message what/how is broken and how/why patch fixes it.
I am not sure what exactly broke it. All I know is that the scope was
changed and the device name were change (ISA.TPM versus TPM). This
was the working ACPI description from QEMU v2.3.1:

      Scope(\_SB) {
          /* TPM with emulated TPM TIS interface */
          Device (TPM) {
              Name (_HID, EisaID ("PNP0C31"))
              Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate ()
                  Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite, TPM_TIS_ADDR_BASE,
                  // older Linux tpm_tis drivers do not work with IRQ
                  //IRQNoFlags () {TPM_TIS_IRQ}
The first committed variant has IRQ uncommented, so it was always
present in _CRS (commit 9e47226)

+            //aml_append(crs, aml_irq_no_flags(TPM_TIS_IRQ));
silent change,
why IRQ descriptor is commented out, it seems the device
uses/initializes it?
I'd split IRQ change in a separate patch that explains why it
shouldn't be in TPM._CRS.
We can leave it there if it works. The bug report is related to
Windows, which I don't have running in a VM. So the safest was to
roll back to 2.3.1 equivalent, which had the IRQ disabled.
I've looked through code some more and Windows seems to be right in not
starting device as IRQ 5 might be used by PNP0C0F devices, see

On Linux I can use it with IRQ 5. I have tried with 10, it also works. But Linux != Windows.

build_link_dev(). So potential conflict is there and moving TPM device
out of PCI.ISA scope just hides problem as resource conflict
checking doesn't work anymore.

Current TPM code have 2 issues:
  1: it uses wrong IRQ, (I've tried with unused COM2's IRQ3 and warning
     goes away)
  2: IRQ is hardcoded i.e. _CRS always has TPM_TIS_IRQ value, regardless
     of what user specified at command line, for example:
        -device tpm-tis,irq=3
     has no effect on ACPI part

So if we disable interrupt, as done with this patch here, it works. This was the configuration we had in QEMU 2.3.1 and was reported as working here:


So I would repost the patch with a better description of what we are rolling back. Let me know whether you agree. We can then enable the interrupt mode in separate patches.

So to fix it correctly on top of my patch:
  1: default IRQ shouldn't be 5 (CCing Marcel, may be he has an idea
     what it should be)
  2: ACPI should pick up IRQ from tpm-tis device property, i.e. it
     shouldn't be hardcoded in ACPI part.

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